Nathalie Renaudin

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Public Affairs Director, Edenred

Nathalie Renaudin is the Public Affairs Director of Edenred (ex Accor Services) and has over 15 years of experience in developing and managing public affairs strategies across the world. She has a wealth of experience in building and promoting strategic public and private partnerships and alliances, as well as designing innovative public affairs tools and solutions. Alongside her role at Edenred, Nathalie is also President of the Social Vouchers International Association (SVIA), the representative body for federations and companies that are involved in the development of vouchers in the world. Nathalie Renaudin contributed to a guide led by CSR Europe with best practices and tips for implementing a successful well-being strategy at work and to a Gower publication entitled “Creating Healthy Workplaces” in 2014.

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